Get Audio Url

I had this problem the other day where I needed to get just the audio url from a post. I was doing this from within “The Loop”.

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WordPress Quick Tip

I do a lot of WordPress theme development and one thing that I don’t like is having to push many buttons to go back to the category list. When I am editing a category and I have 10 posts or more to edit. I wanted one button that would take me back to the list […]

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Monthly Free Files

Monthly free files from the Envato marketplaces. A great place to find assets to use in any project.

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Quick Tip

Just thought I would share a link to a pretty good post I had found.

100+ Best Free jQuery plugins

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A Few Of My Favorite Church Themes

Everyone likes a good church theme. In this post, I list some of my most favorite church themes. Take a look!

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